It Matters to Be Me


I am Musu Stewart, lifestyle strategist and owner at My Lifestyle CEO.

Ever since I stopped trying to be someone else and embraced who I really am there was a shift:

  • I suddenly began to appreciate my true voice by authentically speaking and writing my thoughts
  • there was extreme clarity about my real personality and the things that really matter to me
  • my goals became mine

I realized that I needed this intense awakening to do the things that I have long dreamed of doing. To bring my dreams to life and live them.

I also realized that ideas, experiences and thoughts are only helpful to anyone if they are shared. There is always someone out there who will benefit from what I have to write or say.

If topics about lifestyle and purpose excite you then you are in the right place. I share the things that matter to me most and what I am doing to get to my destiny. All this I do with the hope to help others find answers and to achieve their own goals.