How to Keep Your Skin Soft and Fully Moisturized

Vanilla Shea Body Butter
No lady or gentleman for that matter, wants to be caught with skin that is not appealing. Harsh weather is especially hard on the skin, multiple applications of moisturizers several times during the day.
Last winter, I experienced an unusual dryness like I have never had before. Almost every product that I tried did not work. I was running through bottles of store-bought moisturizers more times than I usually would. I was simply frustrated.
After several attempts with store products, I decided to go back to the way I knew how while growing up in Liberia – the good old Shea butter which we call Donut grease in Liberia. I combined the raw Shea with other essential oils to come up with a body butter that gave me amazing results. Finally, I had made something that really worked and kept my skin fully moisturized all day. I have not used another body product since I made my first Shea body butter.
My son has very dry skin so I asked him to try my formula. I can already see the improvement in the appearance of his skin and face. Rough dry skin is no longer a problem.
The Vanilla Shea Body Butter is made with pure raw Shea butter and other essential body oils including coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and evening primrose oil. Vanilla oil is added for fragrance. What I like most about this body butter is that a little goes a long way. My I first made and used this butter in January 2017 and I have ounce container lasts about 2 months depending on how much I apply daily.







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