Rule #1 Love Thyself

Every woman should have a day in every week set aside for self-care. Loving myself is one way I raise my self-esteem and boost my self-confidence. But self-care does not have to cost a fortune. I have found the greatest source of comfort and relaxation in the simplest things that nature has to offer.
Saturday of each week is my day for self-care. I call the day Self-Care Saturday. I am a DIY-er! If I can help it I do nearly everything for myself. So on Saturday I set aside at least 3 hours to kick back, relax and pamper myself right in the comfort of my home. My regular routine goes something like this:
#1 – Create the ambiance – setup the space to relax, and pamper. This can be any place in your home.
#2 – Lay out everything I need for the experience depending on what I am doing for that day
#3 – Apply the products in order of what I am doing for that day. If I have a full day I do things in this order: hair care, nail care, facial (if mask is applied I use that time, about 30 minutes to 1 hour to relax and rejuvenate in the serenity that I create in my space including candles, stones, smells and sounds-VERY IMPORTANT for creating a relaxing atmosphere).
#4 – Sip on my favorite tea afterward





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