Pucker Up: How I Keep My Lips Soft and Smooth

The sight of dry, cracked lips is not very appealing. To avoid that problem I take care of my lips to keep them soft and smooth so that my lip gloss and lipstick are easy to apply and last longer.

Honestly, not many women pay much attention to their lips as part of their daily regimen. We simply slap on lip color and expect the lips to comply. No, they won’t! Lips need the same care as the rest of the face. So to put our best lips forward and have that perfect pucker, we need some lip care time. Regular exfoliation and moisturizing helps to keep the lips soft, smooth and beautiful.

I have several DIY lip masks and exfoliants that I use to care for my lips. Today I will share with you my Lemon Brown Sugar Lip Crush. As always I try to make my recipes simple. I exfoliate at night to allow my lips to fully moisturize while I sleep. Come day, my lips are ready for my favorite gloss.


Lip Mask
Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Shea Body Butter

1/4 tsp or a pinch of brown sugar

1/4 tsp or couple drops of pure lemon juice

Pinch of Shea butter (raw or refined-enough to moisturize lips)


  1. Combine brown sugar and lemon juice in a teaspoon. Allow sugar to dissolve.
  2. Remove any products from lips with towel or cotton pad. Use finger tip to gently apply mixture all over clean lips. Do not rub for now. Let stay on lips for 15-20 minutes until lips feel very sticky. You can keep on longer and go about doing other tasks if preferred.
  3. Use index finger tip to gently massage lips in circular outward motions for about 1 minute to properly exfoliate.
  4. Rinse with warm water to remove products. Pat dry and immediately moisturize with Shea butter.

There you have it! My not-so- secret to keeping my lips exfoliated and deeply moisturized.











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