Stop Regretting and Start Taking Action

When we realize that we’ve repeatedly made the same mistake without paying attention to warning signs we are left with a feeling of regret. The feeling that we could have changed the course of our current situation if we had done things differently. While regret is a sign that we’ve done something wrong, it should never be an end in itself. We should take action to beyond the feeling of regret to avoid making the same mistakes.

As I engage in conversations about the things that we that we now regret, things that if given another chance we would do differently, I can’t help but wonder about some of my own mistakes some of which mirror mistakes that you also regret.

Just to name few, we come to regret situations such as:

  1. Financial problems because we took on more than we could handle
  2. Career choices that leave us feeling underemployed
  3. Relationships that make us yearn for more
  4. A degree that is useless in your current career field…

…the list could go on.

To acknowledge our errors is the first logical step we take to condition ourselves to avoid the same mistakes.

Here is the naked truth. Some mistakes, although damaging to us in many ways are difficult to resist or easily avoid as they have become addictions to which we cling as if our very survival depended on them. If this happens it is simply not enough to consider acknowledgment as a sign in the correction process. Expert help is required at this point of addiction.

Regardless of the stage in which you currently find yourself it does not help to stop at regret. Take action –

– Talk to and learn from someone who have been there and succeeded in turning things around

– If possible, remove yourself from the environment and anything or anyone that reminds you of or is still connected to your regrets

– Create a plan that helps you put the regret in hindsight, make progress and win

We are in this together. I would to hear your thoughts on this topic so please post your comments, experience and thoughts.













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