Do It Afraid: Leap of Faith or Leap of Risk?

Truth: Even as I write this post I am unsure where I stand on this topic.

A common and very popular topic associated with motivational speaking is how to manage fear of doing what one feels is the right thing to do or going in the right direction of what feels right. Although people typically want is on the other side of their fear, it is not always as simple to get rid of the fear that seems to hold them back.

Overall, the message is that people should take action when they are most afraid about the consequences of leaving the known and venturing into the unknown. The message resonates with people who are mostly undecided about taking major next steps to change situations related to career, entrepreneurship or relationships.

Motivational speakers and successful entrepreneurs have attested to taking the leap of faith and acting in fear without knowing

  • where they would end up
  • where their next paychecks will come from
  • what they had to do next to continue moving andΒ  justifying the leap

They believed that fear actually pushed over the edge to take the leap and latch onto what they sought on the other side because their survival and success depended on that belief.

Although considered a leaf of faith there are some who consider this act of bravery a risk of wandering into the unknown. They argue that it is best to plan and be prepared before venturing out in a place that could rob you of your livelihood and happiness. For those who see this as a “leap of risk” they want to

  • have a financial security or cushion or promise of one to have a soft landing after the leap
  • want to know everything that could go wrong and how to deal with them
  • know if the risk is necessary
  • stay where they are until they are completely certain of success

Regardless of whether a leap is considered as being done in faith or as a risk, I believe that there are two reasons people decide to take the leap:

  1. Because they have no other option. It’s do or die.
  2. Because it is an experience that is not necessarily an option.

In the first reason people faced with threats to survival or negative situations over which they have no control, such as a loss of job, income or security will definitely leap into action and do whatever is possible to push themselves in more favorable situation. In this case they have no other option but to take the leap whether it is in faith or a risk.

The second reason is move favorable for people who are adventurous. These are people who are not necessarily in a do-or-die situation. They are people who what to try out what others claimed to have succeeded at doing and also want to live the experience. This group will however be more cautious and try to plan before taking the leap or what some within this category will consider a necessary risk.

Regardless of which side you stand I am a firm believer in people following their hearts whether they consider doing it in faith or taking a risk. Taking the leap is a road that is less traveled. Not everyone will want to have to decide to jump in fear and succeed or stay put and never realize what lies on the other side of fear. The decision is yours.









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