The One Habit You Must Discard to Move Ahead

There is a tendency for us, especially women, too easily feel marginalized either in the workplace or among a group of other women where the atmosphere is charged with other people exhibiting or flaunting their claims to success as if they belonged to an elite group.

I have been in that environment before. I can tell you for sure that if you’re not grounded and disciplined in living your life on your terms and based on what you can afford you will soon find yourself feeling overwhelmed and constantly thinking of wanting to cross over and fake the look of success although you can barely make ends meet. This is exactly how many women become trapped in circumstances that leave them feeling hopeless and confused about so many things in their lives.

the look of success can Sometimes be deceiving

So what is this habit? This is the habit of never appreciating who you are and what you have accomplished. You are always trying to be like someone – a friend, colleague or family member –  because of their appearance of being more successful than you. This habit is prevalent in the workplace or in social groups where everyone seems to know what’s going on with everyone and of course, that means you have to pitch in to tell others about what’s going in your life and you feel as if you do not have much to contribute. The atmosphere is mostly charged with talks about expensive vacations, generously doting spouses, new homes, promotions, relationships, etc. This situation can become burdensome and highly pressurized for a woman who thinks less of herself. There is always the feeling or thought that although you probably earn as much as or more than they do you still feel as if you are struggling while they are supposedly doing very well. But is this always the case? One thing I do know is that anyone can put on an act and dress, look or talk as if they’re highly successful with everything in life. Truth is, it is not always so.

The Grass Is Not Always Greener on The Other Side

I’m sure that you’ve heard the phrase “all that glitters is not gold”. The same applies to people who appear to be successful. While it is not wrong to aspire to be successful, it is also never a good thing to continue to discount yourself as being less than others. All fingers are not equal but they all make up the entire body.

Some of the people who appear to be more successful than you may actually be quite the opposite and struggle with keeping up a profile of success. The difference between you that person is that she would rather not think less of herself and even if it kills her she will have to dress the part. Thinking less of yourself will only drive you toward to be like others rather than appreciating the qualities, strengths, and accomplishments that make you who you are.

The grass may appear greener on the other side. Have you considered that it is fake grass, or that the closer you look the browner it appears? Have you also considered that your grass is real and has the potential of growing greener if cared for?

Love and think highly of yourself. If everyone leaves you, guess who remains to take care of you? That will be Ms. You.










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