Gearing Up for 2018: Turning My Passion into Profit

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions. For the past two years, I have instead opted to set achievable goals before the new year starts and push myself to make them happen. One goal that I plan to undertake in 2018 is to turn my passion for creating recipes and producing delicious foods into a profitable venture.

Creative cooking is one of my hobbies, in fact, it is my favorite pastime. I spend hours in my kitchen writing and testing out recipes. In December 2016 while baking cookies for the holidays I decided to post pictures of my cookies to my Facebook account. The response was overwhelming. Everyone loved it.

I set up a Facebook page a week later and named it Delectable Gems. During 2017 I pour a lot of time and effort into creating and trying out my recipes. To date, I have created and tested over 50 original recipes, most of which I posted photos of to my page. I plan to do things differently beginning 2018. I plan to monetize passion for creating recipes and producing delicious meals into a profitable venture.

My desire to monetize my hobby just makes sense. It is directly linked to my overall personal finance goal of building abundance and creating options in my life. I set out on a journey two years ago to:

  • become a responsible steward of my finances in order to…
  • get out of debt and…
  • build wealth so as to…
  • create options for myself and my family

Although I currently work full-time for an employer, I plan to use every free time that I can find in 2018 and beyond to earn extra income doing things that I love to do in order to accelerate my personal finance goals and turn that passion into a full-time profitable business.




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