How Reorganizing and Simplifying My Wardrobe Saves Me Money

Shopping for clothing and accessories used to be one of my favorite pastimes and challenge I had with spending. The habit was a money pit. I would literally go out and buy a new outfit just because I was too tired to go through the mountain of clothes that I had accumulated in my closet to find an outfit to wear. Other times it would be simply because it felt good owning so many beautiful things even if it meant I was driving myself deep into debt.

All that changed when I realized that I was digging my way deeper into debt and feeling fearful that I would end up with no money to do the things that really mattered. Time seemed to be quietly slipping away and I started to feel like I was running out of time to get things right.

In January 2017 I decided to stop the habit and start a new way of acquiring and managing my wardrobe.  Not only did I put a halt to impulsive shopping, I also downsized my wardrobe and started to keep it organized to support my new way of thinking and to help me select outfits and accessories without feeling frustrated and tempted to run out to purchase an outfit or accessory that I probably have hidden somewhere in my closet or bedroom. It worked!

I saved a ton of money by not shopping impulsively. I also realized how vain I was for accumulating so much over the years when I hardly ever wore many of the clothing and accessories that I owned. Some of the outfits still had the price tags on them. I was so ashamed of myself and how foolish I had been splurging on things that really did not mean anything.

Here is what I do at the beginning of each year to reorganize and simplify my wardrobe:

  1. Remove all clothing and accessories from the closet
  2. Label 2 garbage bags – Trash and Donate and toss items in each bag as appropriate;  donated because they no longer fit, outdated or just filled out space and trashed because they were too worn to be donated.
  3. Clean the closet and rearrange containers and sections for clothing and accessories
  4. Outfits and items of clothing to keep are laid out separately and returned to the closet in batches to assigned containers or section of the closet – jackets/blazers, skirts, pants, dresses, tops, scarfs, etc.
  5. Replace as needed any item of clothing or accessories

My annual wardrobe check at the beginning of each year has helped me focus on the importance of being responsible with money and spending wisely. It has also made me aware of how vain a person can become simply by accumulating things so many things and worst of all using debt to finance vanity.

Now that I have an organized wardrobe and simplified closet, I:

  • No longer struggle to find clothing and accessories when I need them
  • I spend less time getting ready because everything is within sight and reach
  • Only shop for clothing and accessories because I know that I need them
  • Increased my savings
  • Spend my free time looking for ways to be productive

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