The Truth About Me

Understanding my real self – who I am, what I want, and why I want it, helped me gain clarity about where I wanted to be but most importantly how to get there. You see, I had to stop pretending to be someone else and allow my true self to take over my life. Once I give myself permission to being me everything started to make sense, the pieces began to fall into place, I became more understanding of what should truly matter and why it mattered to me.

When I first started this blog I was unclear about why I actually wanted to start a blog. As a result the message was unclear. I wrote randomly about unrelated topics and found myself faced with a writers’ block and at a dead-end. Why? I was trying to be someone else rather than write about things that truly mattered to me and what I think I’m good at discussing. I did not allow my authentic voice and thoughts to come through in my messages. That proved to be a problem and left me starting over so many times. I finally realized that I had to do what really mattered, commit 100% to making it work, be present 100% and give if my best.

I love to help others succeed at their goals even if I am traveling on a similar journey. That is my true purpose. That is what I need to embrace. That is my calling (mind you now, I did not mention “coach” or “counsel” as those are clinically strong words ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

I had it all wrong before. I believed that starting a blog to share my message meant speaking in another person’s voice, to pretend to be someone. I was wrong. I now know that authenticity is key – that all I have to do is to write in my words just as I would if I talked to someone in person – in my own voice as I am doing now.

Writing and speaking authentically is how I can reach out and help others with my message. It allows them know who I am, in myย  voice and not imagine that it’s someone else. My voice, whether in writing or speaking, casually or formally, lets people know who I am. It is recognizable and aligns with my unique self.

Those who know me or have had the opportunity of speaking with me know that these are my usual, very interconnected talking points as it is hard to talk about one without mentioning the others:

  1. Money – debt, saving, spending, we all have to be good with money
  2. Work – 9-5 madness, side-hustler-wannabe
  3. Life – good or bad, real or imagined, it happens to all of us

As I step out of my own way and give myself permission to be authentic, I believe that there is something; a truth, a message, a lesson or a piece of advice that you can learn from me. Stick with me and let’s journey together.