Pucker Up: How I Keep My Lips Soft and Smooth

The sight of dry, cracked lips is not very appealing. To avoid that problem I take care of my lips to keep them soft and smooth so that my lip gloss and lipstick are easy to apply and last longer.

Honestly, not many women pay much attention to their lips as part of their daily regimen. We simply slap on lip color and Continue reading Pucker Up: How I Keep My Lips Soft and Smooth

My Favorite Thing to Do-Create Recipes

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I am a DIy-er and one of my favorite things do is create recipes. I spend endless amount of time mixing variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices to come up with my very own recipe. I must admit the results are awesome.

I have created this 4-pack variety of delicious fruit juices to kick off the summer. The recipes are available at MusuStewart.com.

I will add more delectable recipes to my collection each week.


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